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Serving New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Bronx, Westchester, and other NYC tri-state areas.

We provide residential and commercial mold inspection and mold testing services for homeowners, property managers, hospitals, attorneys, insurance companies, schools, and health care professionals to evaluate water damage and mold growth conditions in their homes and workplaces. 

Mold testing and mold inspection services are performed in New York City and Long Island, including East Hampton, West Hampton, South Hampton, and the Hampton Bays. We also serve Westchester County, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and all of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Southern Connecticut, and Eastern New Jersey.

To assure the accuracy of mold test results, all mold samples collected during a mold inspection are analyzed by New York State accredited laboratories.



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Hidden Mold Inside a Wall Cavity

Hidden mold growth conditions often exist beneath wood floors or inside walls that measure wet or that have sustained water damage. Moisture measurements can be taken using a hand-held moisture meter, which can often uncover hidden mold growth conditions, especially in basements, where wood floors and carpets are often installed directly over moist concrete floor slabs.

The Institute of Medicine & World Health Organization - Mold & Health



Mold Spores in Carpets

Airborne mold spores settle and accumulated on the floors and other horizontal surfaces over time. Sources of airborne mold spores include visible and hidden mold growth on surfaces indoors and the outdoor air, which enters homes and apartments through open windows and doors. Therefore, it is essential to periodically HEPA vacuum and damp wipe floors and furniture/furnishings to keep mold spore concentrations in settled dust deposits at low levels.

In carpets however, mold spores settle and accumulate deep in the carpet weave, despite recurrent vacuuming. When carpets become wet during a water intrusion event or during periods of high prolonged humidity, mold spore levels (and levels of bacteria) increase exponentially. Wet cleaning methods, even when anti-microbial disinfectant cleaners are used, also cause levels of mold spores to drastically increase.

When carpets are disturbed, dust containing elevated levels of mold spores and bacteria inside the carpet is unavoidably plumed into the air. This airborne mold spore- and bacteria-laden dust can cause allergy-like symptoms in sensitive individuals. Asthmatics may also experience respiratory distress if significant quantities of airborne dust from the carpet are inhaled.

Samples of dust may be collected from carpets and cultured during laboratory analysis to evaluate levels of mold spores and bacteria in the carpet. If levels of mold and bacteria are substantially higher than background levels, the carpets should be disposed of.

Please call Angstrom Testing Services at 516-724-4574 if you would like us to test the dust in the carpets in your house or apartment to evaluate levels of mold spores and bacteria in the carpets, especially if you are experience upper respiratory problems and recurrent sinus and throat infections. There may be an association between your adverse health symptoms and the presence of elevated levels of mold spores and bacteria in your carpets. Mold testing NYC, Long Island, Westchester


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