Indoor Air Quality

Why Get a Mold Inspection?

If your home has been feeling a little stuffy lately, and you’ve noticed a musty smell in the air, there may be more than just an accumulation of dust and dirt particles to blame. You could have mold growing inside your home and not even know it. That’s why it’s important to get a professional mold inspection done if you suspect you have mold. A professional mold inspector will evaluate levels of moisture in the walls using an infrared camera and moisture meter. The inspector should also look inside the air handler for mold growth and other adverse hygienic conditions. A qualified and experience mold inspector has the education and training necessary to perform a competent inspection and to create a mold plan to remediate any mold growth problem.

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that can cause serious health problems if left unchecked. It thrives in moist, humid environments and can grow on virtually any surface, including walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture, insulation, or any other area where moisture tends to accumulate. In addition to its potential health risks—such as allergies, asthma attacks, and respiratory issues—it can also cause structural damage to your property and lead to costly repairs down the line.

The Benefits of Professional Mold Inspection Services

A professional mold inspection will help identify areas in your home where mold is likely to be found. This includes areas behind drywall and under floorboards that are often difficult for homeowners to check themselves. A certified inspector will also be able to assess the extent of the infestation by taking samples from the affected area and testing them in a lab. The results of these tests will then be used to create an action plan for getting rid of the mold problem once and for all. Not only will this help protect your family’s health but it will also save you time and money by minimizing the amount of clean-up required after the problem has been identified.

Do It Yourself Alternatives

For those who are on a tight budget or simply don’t want to pay for professional services there are DIY solutions available as well. There are several different types of test kits available at most hardware stores that can detect levels of airborne spores in your home or give you an idea if there is visible mold present on walls or other surfaces. Keep in mind though that these test kits cannot determine how deep the infestation goes so they should only be used as preliminary tests before calling in a professional mold inspector if necessary.


Mold can quickly become an issue in any home environment if left unchecked so it’s best not to take any chances when it comes to safety and hygiene concerns relating to its presence. If you suspect that there may be hidden mold growing somewhere within your house then it’s always recommended that you get a professional mold inspection done just so you know exactly what kind of problem you’re dealing with before moving forward with any clean-up plans or treatments. Doing this small bit of prevention now could save you from major headaches down the road!

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