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 We provide residential and commercial air quality testing and environmental inspection services for homeowners, property managers, hospitals, attorneys, insurance companies, schools, and health care professionals to evaluate the air quality in their homes and workplaces. Serving clients for over 20 years. NY state licensed. Next-day service. Our air quality test results are guaranteed. Residential and commercial testing. Reasonable rates. Experienced inspectors are available within a day’s notice.

Air quality testing, mold inspections, asbestos testing, lead paint testing, and certified industrial hygiene services are performed in New York City, Long Island, including East Hampton, West Hampton, South Hampton, and the Hampton Bays, Westchester County, Nassau County, Suffolk County, all of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island, Southern Connecticut, and Eastern New Jersey.

Air testing is frequently performed to evaluate the air quality in homes and workplaces.

Many of our inspections and testing projects are performed in response to occupant health complaints and to document adverse air quality conditions.

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Types of Testing & Inspection Services

Lead Paint Inspections

Lead inspections are performed using a handheld X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometers to identify building components that are painted with lead based paint.

Mold Inspections

Surface mold samples are collected to evaluate whether molds are growing on the surfaces of the walls, ceilings, and/or floors that could potentially adversely affect indoor air quality.

Asbestos Testing

We provide a full range of asbestos inspection and asbestos testing services, including testing for asbestos in vinyl floor tiles, pipe wrap insulation, and ceiling tiles.

Water Testing

We are a leading provider of water testing services for owners and operators of NYC Schools and Daycare Facilities seeking NYC Health Department permits related to Articles 43, 45, and 47 of the New York City Health Code.

Silica Dust

The disturbance of cement, concrete, and brick during the performance of demolition work, gutting work, and facade renovation and re-pointing work unavoidably results in the release of high levels of crystalline silica, which is an eye, nose, and throat irritant and an IARC category 1 carcinogen.

Air Quality

We provide a full range of indoor air quality testing services to evaluate levels of mold, bacteria, lead paint, asbestos, chemical vapors, tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, pesticides, PCB’s, crystalline silica, phthalates, heavy metals, mercury, aromatic hydrocarbons, and other contaminants.

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